Inspiring Leaders

Today's effective, healthy leaders understand that those they lead are not a commodity to be consumed.  No longer a product to be bought and used to serve the grand vision of the leader.  More people are seeking significance from their work.  Where in generations past employees have been content to contort for the sake of the pay cheque, this is not the case anymore.   Many have seen the ravages of workaholism in their parents and the vanity of what it produced, often at the expense of stable, healthy relationships.  Moreover, like other cultures around the world, the unfulfilled promises of consumerism rings hollow in the lives of many, and quite simply, people are looking for more.  They are no longer content with a title, huge salary, and bonus - today's workers are working to live instead of living to work.

 It is for this reason among others that great leaders are embracing character-based leadership.  Leadership which is based upon an internal set of values and ideals which

What is true of the individual will be tomorrow true of the whole nation if individuals will but refuse to lose heart and hope. - Gandhi

combine with healthy emotions and practical knowledge to live lives (including careers) of wholeness.  They inspire and invest in those they lead because they recognize and respect the embodied values.    It now makes sense to support the projects and to follow these leaders because they practice genuine care, related-autonomy, confidence, meaning, and vision.  It is beyond the schmaltzy "mission statement" collecting dust on the wall, and unlike the long-forgotten framed platitudes, it is a living example of all that is best about a company and the leader.

It is to this end that we need to understand the role a healthy leader plays in cultivating a culture of hopeful purpose in their organization.  This must first be a natural, growing part of the leader's life - facing the realities of a situation but keeps them in a context which a healthy

"There are seldom, if ever, any hopeless situations, but there are many people who lose hope in the face of some situations." - Zig Ziglar

confidence that the skills and character to navigate through real-life situations are available and accessible.  Hope inspire hope! (and vanquishes critical-ness and pessimism).

Hopeful Leaders Inspire those they lead:

  • To persevere when challenges seem insurmountable.
  • to provide a plumbline to focus on and stay the course
  • to inspire each other to great acts of hope inspired courage
  • provides a context for creativity and innovation
  • provides a deep sense of purpose and meaning for those we lead
  • opens us up to new possibilities and opportunities
  • a future hope inspires heroic actions today.


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