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Sun behind all suns – Prayer

Sun behind all suns, Soul behind all souls, ..... Show to us in everything we touch and in everyone we meet the continued assurance of Your presence 'round us: lest ever we should think you are absent. In all created things You are there. In every friend we have the sunshine of Your presence is shown…
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O Love, Divine Love

  O Love, divine Love, why do You lay siege to me? In a frenzy of love for me, You find no rest. From five sides You move against me, Hearing, sight, taste, touch, and scent. To come out is to be caught; I cannot hide from You. _____________ If I come out through sight…
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The Veil Is Thin Tonight

  The veil Between heaven And earth Is thin  Tonight And You My sweet Love Are most alluring Evasively intoxicating Stretched out Upon the horizon In rapturous  Beguiling beauty Gossamer garments Garland Your skin A shimmering tapestry Of timeless, translucent Transcendence Refracting Your radiance Pure light! The reckless raging Maelstrom of Your Love Bursting Into…
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