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Compassion Fatigue – Caring without Losing your Mind

Every job has its hazards.  Some are pretty obvious; the danger of being a firefighter or working the high steel but for vocations in the helping industries the risks can often be less apparent.  There is a real danger of Compassion Fatigue for those who spend time caring for people.  These include physicians, nurses, counselors,…
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Pastors: Take Care of Yourself

According to researchers, 72% of a sampling of American pastors report only spending time in the Bible when they had a sermon or lesson to prepare for.   This suggests that only 28% read the Bible regularly for personal study and encouragement.  This isn’t a big surprise to any of us if we are really…
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Being More or Doing More?

The wrestle with the dichotomy of being and doing comes from the emptiness that often accompanies doing religious things out of religious obligation. The idea that we have to do things for God for love, acceptance, duty, forgiveness. For many Christians this thinking sets us up for spiritual burnout. Many pastors burn out because they…
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