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Resources for cultivating a life-long journey of a deeply personal relationship with God and more meaningful relationships with others. Rooted deeply in a paradigm of love and acceptance, you continue in your unique Spirit-inspired spiritual / faith journey. Employing the insights of ancient and contemporary thinkers, poets, prophets and sages, you are provided with tools to develop your own unique relationship with God in a way that encourages healthy faith in the day to day of real life. Discovering abundant life and meaning which is consistent with who you were created to be.

Life in Healthy Tradition

Let the recovery from the madness of the holiday begin!  Take a deep breath! Let it out and hopefully we can reflect on the joy of the season devoid of the crazy pace of last minute gifts, crowded shopping centers and the discomfort of distended bellies from a week of a non stop feeding frenzy!…
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Aim Higher!

A fascinating video clip of Viktor Frankl, filmed in Toronto Canada in 1972.  In this video, Frankl is calling humanity to aim to a higher standard, to pick a target beyond ourselves and while we may fall short of it, he argues we will reach further or closer to wholeness than if we aimed for…
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The Question

“Who do they say I am?” The question surely rang strange in the hearts of His friends. “What an odd question. What does He mean?” They were all too familiar with Jesus’ stories and twists on old familiar ones. With perhaps some bewilderment they answered “Some say you are a great teacher, some say a…
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Spiritual Health and Growth

Healthy exploration of who we are will be rooted deeply in a healthy sense of God. Soul Significance is a self-directed resource to help you grow and mature in faith and in relationships with others and God. This is not simply completing steps of a program but a life long journey of developing a deeply…
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