Becoming Whole: Human Beings and Doings


I am not alone when I admit I have wrestled with the being versus doing dichotomy. This is often discussed around the perceived tension of “being versus doing” as a church, or a follower of Jesus. In essence, this is a longing to live authentically, to see the meaning in those things we do and not be disconnected from our doing whether by mindless rote, guilt or unhealthy obligation. This dichotomy is not really a being OR doing question, as doing is a natural part of what we as human beings are. Our doing is intimately connected and is the fruit of our being, and I suggest the issue has more to do with the quality of our being.

Perhaps it is an issue of becoming love – becoming truly human. The journey of becoming fully human is to learn love; to live loved and love others and have this love shape every aspect of our lives – the doing. Becoming is being in the process of maturity and the actions which are part and parcel – the doing reflects the quality of being. So being and doing are not really at odds with one another but both fruits of the process of becoming.

It is this reason the Love Paradigm inspires and liberates us towards a journey of becoming fully human, fully alive. Love shapes how we see God, affects how we see ourselves and others, and this has a significant bearing on our doing. For example, how we disciple, how we form and are community, how we lead and shape our mission can all be influenced by love.

What is shaping your doing?

  • fear?
  • selfish ambition?
  • anger / rebellion?
  • futility?
  • acceptance from others?
  • guilt or shame?
  • unhealthy obligation?
  • or love in the context of a relationship with God?  The rest that comes from being loved perfectly, and learning to live from this place of being.

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