Spiritual Health and Growth

Healthy exploration of who we are will be rooted deeply in a healthy sense of God. Soul Significance is a self-directed resource to help you grow and mature in faith and in relationships with others and God. This is not simply completing steps of a program but a life long journey of developing a deeply personal relationship with God.

Rooted deeply in a paradigm of love and acceptance you continue in your unique Spirit inspired journey. Employing the insights of ancient and contemporary thinkers, poets, prophets and sages you are provided with tools to develop your own unique relationship with God in a way that brings about healthy faith.  A faith that is informed and experienced in the day to day of real life. Discovering abundant life and meaning which is consistent with who you were created to be.

  • Healthy thinking about God
  • Learning to experience and recognize God in the everyday.
  • Shedding of Religious Obligation and Shame
  • A sense of Acceptance, Connectedness and Unconditional Love
  • Healing of past hurts
  • Overcoming barriers to contentment and success
  • Becoming who you were created to be!

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