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Dealing with Distractions while Praying

I live in a busy household. With three sons and my wife, there are always lots of things going on which can make getting some quiet prayer time a bit of a challenge. I prefer a quiet time in the early morning - it helps me start the day well, focused and with purpose. Obviously,…
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Overcoming Prayer Distractions

If you are like me, you have times of prayer where your thoughts are all over the map!  “Our Father, who art in heaven,... what should we have for dinner tonight? hallowed be your name... oh, I have to get that contract signed...”  Prayer distractions seem to be a chronic issue in the prayer lives…
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Prayer: Ignation Contemplation

This video with Jim Martin SJ provides a brief introduction to Ignatian style of prayer called Contemplation.  This is a rich, creative and very powerful way to experience God in prayer through the scriptures.  Martin describes in very simple terms how we can enter into the stories of the Gospel using our imagination and gain a greater…
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