The Question

“Who do they say I am?” The question surely rang strange in the hearts of His friends. “What an odd question. What does He mean?” They were all too familiar with Jesus’ stories and twists on old familiar ones. With perhaps some bewilderment they answered “Some say you are a great teacher, some say a…
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Spiritual Health and Growth

Healthy exploration of who we are will be rooted deeply in a healthy sense of God. Soul Significance is a self-directed resource to help you grow and mature in faith and in relationships with others and God. This is not simply completing steps of a program but a life long journey of developing a deeply…
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Resources for the Spiritual Leader

The demands on today’s Pastors and ministry leaders is tremendous! Pressures and challenges which are unique to vocational ministry. Budgetary demands, church growth pressures, pastoral care, Boards, endless meetings, burn out, our families and politics take it’s toll every day as hundreds of churches close under this weight. To add to this, there are significant…
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