The Hum of the Creating Heart

It turns out that hum I hear in my head may be something more than the hamster on the wheel!  Can you hear it? Can you hear the hum, the electromagnetic hum of molecules as they interact in all things?  It’s not something we can hear audibly (but I suspect we can intuit), and yet science assures us it’s there.

The universe and planets have their sound. Now as you sci-fi fans know - the vacuum of space does a really poor job at carrying sound waves, but radio, electromagnetic sounds are aplenty!  You can listen to a sample of these sounds recorded by Voyager probe:

These sounds and vibrations are in a sense the rhythms of creation. Perhaps the ongoing retort of the Big Bang some 13.8 billion years ago - the very rhythm at the molecular level, the sound of molecular relationships, and in a sense, the hum of God.

In eastern religions, during meditation/prayer, they recite the Om.  They believe that it is "the sacred sound of the universe, the humming vibration of all living things." Yogi Dani explains that Om "represents energy and the vibration energy creates."  She suggests that because everything is made up of energy - our physical being, voice, breath, thoughts, etc.,  Om symbolizes the foundational vibration (hum) of the universe.(1)

The scriptures tell us that God spoke and all things came to be.  The reverberation of these words spoken in the beginning continues to resonate (hum), sustain and create.  The ancients creeds affirm that in God all things have their being, their origin so is it any wonder that we can discern this hum in creation, and in each other?  

Everything in the universe has rhythm. Everything dances. - Maya Angelou

The electromagnetic fingerprint, the song sung in the beginning, as it keeps creating and sustaining on its way to the making all things new? We can intuit it because even at a molecular level, it is about relationship.  Our relational God - Father, Son, and Spirit is the reoccurring fractal of the relational universe from the tiniest particle to the most complex.

I wonder, to carry this metaphor a little further, that to repent, our journey towards Christ-likeness is to attune ourselves (or let ourselves be tuned) to the hum or rhythm of God.  I wonder if to be made in the image of God is to hum, to vibrate with the song of God, that in a unique and beautiful way we join in the cosmic Symphony of Praise!


Humming - an excerpt from a poem written by Robert "Mac" MacKenzie in his collection entitled Diary of an Arts Farmer

Video source: NASA Jet Propulsion Lab -


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